Our Certifications

As a responsible corporate citizen, De-Mbarukas Limited possesses up-to-date relevant certifications and documents for Bid prequalification as required by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP)

1. Certificate of Incorporation (CAC): RC:403397.
2. Bureau of Public Procurement: 0000-0004-2883.
3. Tax Clearance Certificate (Federal Inland Revenue Service): 221452730416.
4. Value Added Tax Certificate (Federal Inland Revenue Service): 01496226-0001.
5. PENCOM Certificate (National Pension Commission): 0110750.
6. Industrial Training Fund (ITF): 00283915.
7. ECS Clearance Certificate (Nigeria Social Industrial Training Fund): 00000169364.
8. FRC Certificate (Financial Reporting Council Of Nigeria): FRC/2016/00000008001.
9. Permit To Operate As An Oil Industry Service Company (DPR): DPR/OGISP/20/5510400/N211913.
Accreditation to operate as an Environmental Consultant (Federal Ministry of Environment): 003724 NOSDRA): 100.
10. Certificate of accreditation as an Environmental Consultant (NESREA): 186.
11. Corporate Membership For Environmental Management Firm (Environmental Management Association Of Nigeria).