Lifting Equipment Inspection Services

Our inspection enhances the detection of imperfections or defects on lifting equipment components thus identifying hazards that could cause failure. We aim at enhancing lifting equipment operations thus ensure the deployment of good construction, sound material and equipment that are free from patent defects to ensure quality, strength, and suitability of equipment.

Our Services
• Inspection of manual lifting equipment.
• Inspection of powered lifting equipment.
• Inspection of lifting accessories.
• Regulatory Compliance Management Services.

From experience, we have discovered that many face-offs with regulatory agencies occur due to lack of proper information leading to non-compliance on statutory requirements. This typically results in imposition of avoidable penalties and Seal-offs due to such breaches.

We offer to bridge that communication gap between your organization and relevant regulatory agencies (NESREA, NOSDRA, FMENV, State Ministry of Environment etc.) in the country. Following a mutual agreement, we will interface with these Agencies for all environmental issues on your behalf thus saving time and money in the long run.